Cycling Apparel – Our top picks for training, racing, commuting and touring

Cycling Apparel – Our top picks for training, racing, commuting and touring


If you really want to crunch the miles, you need to have the correct clothing to keep you comfortable. You will perform at a higher level when you know your clothing is working with you and here is our gear guide for how to keep comfortable in all seasons


Summer Jerseys and Summer Bib Shorts are primarily designed to keep you cool and protect you from damaging UV rays, summer specific cycling jerseys do this by using UV resistant moisture wicking materials which are tightly woven modern technical fabrics that are specially constructed to absorb UV whilst having the function of actively moving moisture away from your skin during physical activity, this helps to cool your body through the process of evaporation. Our top picks available online at are the Men's Summer Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey from Santic and the Women's Chikage Summer Long Jersey from Santic


Winter Jersey’s and Winter Tights’  most important function is to keep you warm, they do this by utilizing high density wind blocking fabrics which are backed with flocked material that provides a level of insulation to keep your body warm. Winter Jersey’s tend to have high collars and long sleeves with tighter cuffs and sometimes also a thumb loop. Our top picks available online at are the Men's Winter Windbreaker Windproof Thermal Cycling Jacket from Rion and the Women's Thermal Fleece Cycling Jersey from Santic


Bike touring gear needs to be practical and functional, when choosing your gear it is wise to try find equipment that has more than one purpose this will in turn decrease the amount of items you need to carry. One piece of touring equipment that we think you should not be without is a pair of cargo bib shorts that are designed with functional pockets on the legs and with pockets at the rear so you don’t need to wear a typical cycling jersey. Our top pick available online at is the Men's 4 Pocket Cargo Bib Shorts


Body temperature regulation is a key part of feeling comfortable when out riding the one item of clothing that really helps with this is a base layer. It may sound counter intuitive but a good quality well-fitting base layer will actually keep you cooler in summer by aiding the wicking process and cooling you through evaporation process. For the winter months a long sleeve base layer is an added layer of insulation and when you do work up a sweat it helps to move the moisture from your skin in to your outer layers of clothing so you will not feel the cold as much when the exercise intensity lessens this is key to keeping warm. Our top picks available online at are the Men's Superlight Coolmax Undervest Base Layer and the 100% Merino Wool  Long Sleeve Thermal Midweight 200G Base Layer


When racing on the road or during a triathlon or time trial the key to going fast on two-wheels is all about aerodynamics, tight fitting and ‘tailored cut’ garments are absolutely essential to aid this. There is nothing more aero than a one piece skin suit with a low cut collar otherwise known as a speed suit, pair this with a set of aero specific cycling socks and you will be maximizing your performance. Our top picks available online at is the Men's Summer Skin / Speed Suit - Time Trial / Triathlon and the Anti Slip seamless Aero Cycling Socks

When commuting and riding on busy roads with heavy traffic, most probably often in lower light conditions, being seen and warning other road users of your presence is absolutely essential. One of the best value ways to easily achieve this and maximize your visibility is by wearing a high visibility reflective vest and if you are doing large amounts of night riding we have ultra-high visibility vests with the addition of LED flashing lights. Our top picks available online at are the Bike Safe High Visibility Reflective Vest and the Ultra-High Visibility LED Cycling Vest


Besides cycling gear and apparel we have many other products available to buy in our online store such as Boat Hardware, Boat Fenders, Waterproof Duffel Bags, and Hard Case Carry-on Luggage and much more to aid in your adventure travels.