Bikepacking - What essentials do you need for an epic bicycle adventure?

If you are lured by the thought of traveling long distances, exploring back country and even crossing borders and camping wild then you will need dependable equipment that will aid you on your travels.


One of the most important kit innovations that has opened up the backpacking world to a wider audience are the lightweight, easily mountable bicycle specific soft bags, designed to convert a normal bike into something you can travel far and wide on without much added cost and configuration. We have a wide selection of Bikepacking Travel Luggage For Sale Online


The range and scope of cycling equipment available now is game changing and makes traveling by two wheels very appealing for those seeking real adventure. You can find our recommended top 5 items below


  1. Tail Packs are a great way to carry bulky items on the bike, cleverly designed to mount directly to any seat post without any additional racks or mounting plates. They also double up as a mud guard and have elasticated webbing so you can quickly access or stow rain gear or that pack of jerky!
  1. Bar Bags are in some ways an evolution of the traditional front mounted wire basket of yesteryear. The handle bars are a natural location to mount bags and store gear, we have some great purpose built and rugged designed solutions to make life easy to utilize this area for kit storage.
  2. Illumination is essential for safety, and now in most countries is mandatory to equip your bike with when out on the roads. We have the best bicycle accessories for sale online including lights you can mount on your bike, on your luggage and even smart helmets with lights mounted within for the ultimate in latest bicycle equipment technology.
  3. Multi-tools should be the main component to your tool kit when travelling, a good one of these can get you out of most problems that you will face. Before choosing a multi-tool you should check your own bike to see what the common sizes of Allen and Torx fasteners are. This is essential for you to be able correctly service and maintain your bike. We also have a wide range of bicycle tools for sale online.
  4. Hydration is an absolute essential to consider if you are heading in to areas that have limited access to water or if you are travelling long distances in the hot summer seasons. We have a wide range of bottles and hydration packs available. We also have a huge range of bottle mounting systems that great solutions to carry extra water supplies.